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About Us

How It All Started

Coffee Junkiez began in a peculiar way. The founder and CEO, Jasan Julius, developed his idea in 1995 but sat on it for nearly a decade. After eight years of becoming a leader in the food and beverage industry, he finally launched a dual-brand-under-one-roof concept that shook his community. The rest is history.
Jasan established Pizza Junkiez in 2014, combined it with Coffee Junkiez in 2015, and was awarded Business of the Year in 2016. By 2018, his recession-proof business model started gaining nationwide attention and positioned Jasan’s business for franchising success.
We invite you to be a part of our story. Launch a Junkiez franchise to bring this revolutionary concept to your neck of the woods. We’ll help you follow your entrepreneurial dreams.

Pizza Junkiez was born in 2014 when Jasan combined his knowledge of small business ownership with ideas and experiences from years of service. It all started inside a test kitchen in Kokomo, Indiana – the City of Firsts. His groundbreaking pizza menu mirrored his unique barista buffet at Coffee Junkiez.

In 2015, Jasan united the two businesses to develop an industry-leading dual-brand-under-one-roof concept.

What will he think of next?

Jasan believes variety is the spice of life. He bought over 40 delicious syrup flavors for his Coffee Junkiez patrons and wanted the same level of customer service for his Pizza Junkiez fans. Pizza Junkiez offers over 50 tasty toppings, 5 crust styles, and 10 savory sauces. Our brand is also famous for the 25 specialty creations on the menus, like the Ricky Bobby, the Cartman, and the Picasso.

Our curated ingredients are what give our pizzas their distinctive flavor profile.

“My son makes juicy pizzas” – Jasan’s Mom


Amazing Pizza and Coffee. I literally had coffee this morning with that little chocolate bean and pizza tonight. I had never had their pizza before and it's amazing.

Mike Gholson

My family and I love us some pizza! We’re uncertified pizza critics, we look for different pizzas to try whenever we can. I’ve driven by this place probably a thousand times but we never had it. Tonight, we tried it for the first time and it was AMAZING!! I think we found our new favorite pizza. The crust was airy and soft, melted in your mouth. I think the delivery guy broke the sound barrier getting to us. They said 45 min on the phone and pizza arrived in no more than 20 min. Pizza Junkies definitely earned my business as long as they’re making pizzas.

Anthony Haines

I’ve been going here for a couple of years now and finally decided to write a review! This place is always my first recommendation to my friends who are on the lookout for affordable, tasty coffee in the area. I go here at least once a week it seems like even though there are closer coffee shops to me! If I’m not getting coffee from here I’m at least getting the twisted breadsticks with cheese sauce! 

Rachel Ward

I love this place! The coffee is great and my main reason for going there, but the best thing is that you can have any pizza made as a sub. I like all the weird things on my pizza, so I can never get anyone to split one with me. The sub option works out perfectly! I also enjoy the chocolate cover espresso bean that they put on top of my hot chocolate cover cherry drink!

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