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About Us

Our History

Coffee Junkiez started as an entrepreneurial idea in Jasan’s head in 1995 and that is where it lived until in 2005 when the first cup of coffee was sold. After 8 years developing and becoming a leader in the specialty beverage market there was a desire to develop a new brand with all the principles that had been developed over the last decade. Pizza Junkiez was created in 2014 and they were put under one roof as a test in 2015, and in 2016 we were recognized with a Business of The Year Award in our community. In 2018 the proof of concept was opened in a new community to prove we had the ability to duplicate and grow across the nation. The founding vision from day 1 was always with national brand aspirations and in 2021 we are starting that journey! We invite you to be a part of our story and partner with us to bring both our national vision to life, and to follow your own dreams of being a business owner.

In 2014, Pizza Junkiez was born! Jasan took all of his knowledge, ideas, and lessons learned from Coffee Junkiez and developed Pizza Junkiez in a test kitchen, in Kokomo, Indiana., the City of Firsts. The menu and custom pizza ideas were an extension of the custom drink menu he created with Coffee Junkiez. In 2015, he combined Pizza Junkiez with Coffee Junkiez in the main operation, on South Washington St. in Kokomo, to create a “dual brand under one roof” concept. 

To further our innovation in both of these industries, Jasan brought in over 40 syrup flavors with 20 available in sugar-free and he wanted to offer the same variety in the pizza industry. Pizza Junkiez offers over 50 toppings, 5 styles of crust, 10 sauces, and has become known for our over 25 specialty creations. As Jasan’s Mom always says “My son makes juicy pizzas” and that is only to say that our sauces are a REAL part of the flavor profile in our specialty creations. 



Amazing Pizza and Coffee. I literally had coffee this morning with that little chocolate bean and pizza tonight. I had never had their pizza before and it's amazing.

Mike Gholson

My family and I love us some pizza! We’re uncertified pizza critics, we look for different pizzas to try whenever we can. I’ve driven by this place probably a thousand times but we never had it. Tonight, we tried it for the first time and it was AMAZING!! I think we found our new favorite pizza. The crust was airy and soft, melted in your mouth. I think the delivery guy broke the sound barrier getting to us. They said 45 min on the phone and pizza arrived in no more than 20 min. Pizza Junkies definitely earned my business as long as they’re making pizzas.

Anthony Haines

I’ve been going here for a couple of years now and finally decided to write a review! This place is always my first recommendation to my friends who are on the lookout for affordable, tasty coffee in the area. I go here at least once a week it seems like even though there are closer coffee shops to me! If I’m not getting coffee from here I’m at least getting the twisted breadsticks with cheese sauce! 

Rachel Ward

I love this place! The coffee is great and my main reason for going there, but the best thing is that you can have any pizza made as a sub. I like all the weird things on my pizza, so I can never get anyone to split one with me. The sub option works out perfectly! I also enjoy the chocolate cover espresso bean that they put on top of my hot chocolate cover cherry drink!

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